How did I do in August?

Two months of notice period down, one to go. No period of time has ever dragged this much. It’s also been hot as balls, although the switch seems to have flipped today.

Savings: 0. No progress
Debt: paid off my credit card!
Extra money made: ¥4000 checking someone’s CV, and $43 writing two content pieces
Novel: 10000 words. Was originally projected to be finished by now
Running: 9 runs, average 11’18/mile, 35.4 miles. Farthest run: 8 miles. Better, but still incredibly slow
Best streak: No smoking (6 days in a row)
Worst longest streak: Novel (0 days)

Black marks: Progress on the novel has pretty much stalled. I haven’t written a single blog post since the last monthly update. Regretting dropping Japanese as a goal, since I’m now doing almost no study but still have 5 lessons left (and a test tomorrow!). Smoked too much, ate out too much.

Bright spots: Love life still pretty good. Started to make a bit of side money. Didn’t run out of money before payday, which is a first. Good long run.


How did I do in June?

Savings: 0
Debt: roughly £2500 (overdraft, credit card, a couple of personal loans, a couple of random bills)
Extra money made: 0
Novel: 4001 words 
Weight: 9 stone 11.8
Running: 13 runs, average 10’48/mile, 49.1 miles. Farthest run: 7 miles 
Best streak: French (5 days in a row) 
Worst longest streak: Novel/ blog (1 day)
I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to leave Japan after my contract runs out in September. So for July I’m removing French and No Eating Out Alone from the goals (French because it’s not particularly urgent, the other because I should eat as much Japanese food as possible while I’m here). I’m adding in ‘Job task’ (do something that will get me paid or help me get work) and ‘Instagram’ (posting one photo a day, to encourage me to explore a bit more). 

Update- Sunday 26th June 2017

1. Write a blog post

2. Work on novel

0 words. Total word count: 4006

3. Exercise

✔ Ran 7 miles. It was easier than I was expecting, since I only did one run in the rest of the week.

4. Under calorie limit

✔ 1750 cal

5. No eating out alone

✔ Mainly stayed in

6. Tidy room

✔Had a bit of a shock when I found an enormous blood stain on the floor, but it turned out to be melted chocolate from my choc ice.

7. Chore

✔Paid rent (on time!)

8. Study Japanese

✔1 hour. Memrise vocab and textbook homework.

9. Study French

✔1 hour. Memrise vocab.

10. Cultural/social activity

✔Watched two films: World of Tomorrow and Brief Encounter. The latter was on Youtube, accompanied by this comment:

Screenshot 2017-06-25 19.45.14
Laura’s going back to her husband? THANKS, OBAMA


Daily score: 9/10