How did I do in July?

Savings: 0. No progress
Debt: roughly £2500 (overdraft, credit card, a couple of personal loans, a couple of random bills). No progress
Extra money made: 0. No progress
Novel: 6903 words. Veeeeery slow progress, and a long way behind schedule
Running: 8 runs, average 11’21/mile, 23.92 miles. Farthest run: 4 miles. Kind of backwards progress on this one, because I’ve strained my ankle. I tried to keep running through it thinking I was being lazy, but I’m having a proper week off before I try again. Frustrating though.
Best streak: Track spending (7 days in a row)
Worst longest streak: Money writing (0 days)

Black marks: Not a very good effort all round- a backwards step from the previous month. I also backslid on something I’d been doing well on since the beginning of the year, which was going out and drinking less. I had a couple of all-nighters, one of which resulted in me being spectacularly late for work, to the point I’d be on very thin ice if I hadn’t already given in my notice.

Bright spots: Love life pretty good. Gave in my notice, which will hopefully give me the Fear (although it’s not yet shown up.) Room is tidy. Spoke a fair bit of Japanese. Had fun (poss too much though.)

August daily goals: No drinking, no smoking, track spending, no eating out alone, under calorie goal, exercise, tidy room, chore, money writing, blog, novel.


Update- Sunday 26th June 2017

1. Write a blog post

2. Work on novel

0 words. Total word count: 4006

3. Exercise

✔ Ran 7 miles. It was easier than I was expecting, since I only did one run in the rest of the week.

4. Under calorie limit

✔ 1750 cal

5. No eating out alone

✔ Mainly stayed in

6. Tidy room

✔Had a bit of a shock when I found an enormous blood stain on the floor, but it turned out to be melted chocolate from my choc ice.

7. Chore

✔Paid rent (on time!)

8. Study Japanese

✔1 hour. Memrise vocab and textbook homework.

9. Study French

✔1 hour. Memrise vocab.

10. Cultural/social activity

✔Watched two films: World of Tomorrow and Brief Encounter. The latter was on Youtube, accompanied by this comment:

Screenshot 2017-06-25 19.45.14
Laura’s going back to her husband? THANKS, OBAMA


Daily score: 9/10