Update- Wednesday 28th June 2017

It’s well into tsuyu, and I’m sweating like a pig in an abattoir. Let’s see how it affected the stats.

1. Write a blog post

2. Work on novel

0 words. Total word count: 4006

3. Exercise

✔ 30 minutes running

4. Under calorie limit

5. No eating out alone

6. Tidy room

It’s really got in astonishingly bad condition in one day.

7. Chore

X Top of the list are travel expenses for Thursdays, which I’ll use the safe space of this blog no one will ever read to admit I haven’t submitted in the 14 months I’ve worked there.

8. Study Japanese

9. Study French

✔1 hour.

10. Cultural/social activity

✔ I need a better name for this category, which basically means ‘Anything I want to do regularly but not daily’. Today’s was ‘Cook something new’. I dislike cooking and mainly eat sandwiches, rice with tuna, and pasta with tuna. I found a recipe on Reddit (r/EatCheapandHealthy) for mushroom pasta, which is genuinely , at 5 ingredients, one of the most complicated things I’ve attempted. It came out delicious.

Credit to Reddit user u/The_edref


Daily score: 5/10. I did finish Orange Is The New Black though. Hey, I’m on holiday


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