Update- Monday 26th June 2017

I’m on holiday for most of this week! Will this result in mega-productivity?! (Spoiler: no.)

1. Write a blog post


2. Work on novel

X 0 words. Total word count: 4006

3. Exercise

X Was supposed to go to the gym with friends but chickened out (because I didn’t want them to see how weak I am).

4. Under calorie limit

X I don’t know, but too many

5. No eating out alone

6. Tidy room

✔Tidying is really quick if you do it every day! Who knew? (Everyone except me, probably).

7. Chore

✔Signed new contract for my room.

8. Study Japanese

✔1 hour. Memrise vocab and textbook homework.

9. Study French

✔1 hour. Memrise vocab and read Jean de Florette, which I’ve been slogging through for months.

10. Cultural/social activity

✔I Listened to the new Laura Marling album. Sounds much like the last few.

In the evening I met friends for dinner at Hacienda de Cielo in Daikanyama.

It has a great view of Tokyo Tower that was impossible to capture in a photo. The cocktails were tasty and cheap, the food is only OK for Mexican, and the burritos were Japan-small. Still, since I was over my calories anyway that’s probably for the best.

Daily score: 6/10


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