Living now

“Live well and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead.”

World of Tomorrow

The problems

I turned 29 in January, and that was the point when I decided to sort myself out. Yes, age is arbitrary and meaningless and just a number, and 30s are the new 20s, and so on and so forth.  But to be honest, we all know that 30 is really the cut-off point for bumbling around the world doing badly at all things, and if you’re not more or less sorted out you’re doomed to be a failure and a disappointment to your mother forever. I’ve done a lot of things sub-optimally, including jobs (especially keeping them); relationships (especially keeping them); money (especially keeping it). I drink too much, often, and smoke, sometimes. I’m chubby, disorganized, and chronically late. Sometimes I haven’t been very nice to people. Most importantly, I haven’t found what I really want to be doing in life.

Since January I haven’t done so very badly in making some life improvements. Today I’m sitting in a clean room, having run 7 miles and done my Japanese homework. I am vastly less hungover than one would traditionally expect to find me on a Sunday, since I excused myself at midnight  and went home, rather than following my friends to Roppongi to listen to house music (and having typed those words I’m feeling another rush of joy that I didn’t do that). So I’m doing quite a good impression of someone who has their life together. But not having spent the day lying in bed surrounded by crisp packets is a bare minimum goal, so let’s go for a bit better than that.

Long-term goals

  1. Be financially stable with a job I enjoy
  2. Be healthy (and, more shallowly, a touch thinner)
  3. Be productive and organised
  4. Be good at things
  5. Be an interesting person
  6. Achieve something I’m proud of

Daily goals

And the daily goals that will hopefully get me there. Flitting around with goal setting is another one of my vices, so I’m going to stick to this list for at least a month.

  1. Write a blog post
  2. Work on novel
  3. Exercise
  4. Under calorie limit
  5. No eating out alone
  6. Tidy room
  7. Chore
  8. Study Japanese
  9. Study French
  10. Cultural/ social activities

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